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What does it mean when we say that Taurus is ruled by Venus? Pisces is ruled by Neptune? What are rulerships? Well, leaving aside more esoteric wisdom, we can simply put that Taurus easily exhibits Venus qualities such as eroticism, peace and solidarity. Equally Pisces has a more Neptune like manner of operation, showing imagination, intoxication and dreaminess. The beauty of harmonious sexual relations between taurus and pisces The rulerships can give us a real clue as to how a couple will settle into the mutuality of expressing themselves. As he shows art or style, she responds with vastness or, as she might display taste then he could respond with longing and seduction ?according to the situation and individuals involved. When things are working well, words like confident, wonderful and moved may apply, and on a bad day it may be better to use descriptions like angry, irked and wretched. mac beauty store mac beauty store mac cosmetic sales To style it, use a mousse or gel that is packed with vitamins so that your hair weaker fibers can be strengthened. Since your hair is fine, avoid rich, silicone-heavy serums that will only weigh your hair down. Give it volume by doing some back-combing or heat-styling to get romantic curls. Waves give the best illusion of volume. Sweep your hair to the side and secure with a dainty hair clip for a very feminine look. MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR If you have medium to thick hair, then you are more than likely struggling with frizz. Stepping outside exposes your hair to the elements, and when it humid, that stubborn frizz just comes right back! Fight back by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. shop mac cosmetics online How to get discount mac makeup Last Minute